Starting out

My name is Joshua and please I prefer Joshua.  That is right off the bat one of my major peeves when I introduce myself to people.  I’ll say: “Hi my name is Joshua” and the very next thing I hear is “nice to meet you Josh”  it is really irritating.  All the more because I will never introduce myself as Josh ever.  It is just something I have dealt with my entire life and will seemingly continue to deal with for the foreseeable future.

Anyway enough with that and now that I have introduced myself lets get on with it.  One of my goals for this winter is to get in shape and start eating better to find a good weight for me to maintain.  Since recently I have been feeling kinda out of sorts regarding the (admittedly) small amount of extra flesh around my middle.  Plus having some abs to show off for summer would be nice too.

That is my plan for now at least I plan to have this blog be a place of accountability for me not just my quest for a better physical condition but everything that I feel falls within my ongoing quest of a “better” life.